How to Stay Fit on the Road

How to Stay Fit on the Road

As a frequent business and leisure traveler, staying fit on the road can be challenging at times.  As a runner who has completed marathons on four continents, I have experience running through jet-lag and sleep deprivation. The road brings lots of temptations of overeating or skipping workouts. Here are my tips on how to stay fit on the road.

How to Stay Fit on the Road Virginia Beacn

Boardwalk at Virginia Beach
Photo Credit: Marriott Virginia Beach Website

Indulge in Moderation:

I spent New Year’s weekend at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel with a group of friends. Instead of a resolution, I made a commitment to stay in shape and be healthy in 2017. That can be difficult when you are traveling and there are bottles of sparkling wine and ‘Berliner’ pastries on New Year’s Eve to seduce you! I convinced a friend to split a Berliner at midnight and drank a glass of water for every glass of sparkling wine. Celebrations are great and it is easy to overindulge. Sharing treats with friends is a great way to get a small taste of the things you love.

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Gym at Marriott Frankfurt
Photo Credit: Marriott Frankfurt Hotel

Take Advantage of the Hotel Gym:

The next morning there were only three people in the hotel fitness center and I was proud to be one of them. Dining Traveler Tip on how to stay fit on the road: look at the photos of the fitness center before booking to ensure that there is more than an old elliptical trainer available. A quality fitness center can make a big difference on the days when you aren’t motivated. It is hard enough to get up in the morning and workout, waiting for equipment, will only discourage you. Instead of hitting the gym, you will be going to the unlimited breakfast buffet.

how to stay fit on the road Hiking in Steamboat Springs

Amy Hiking in Steamboat Springs

Discover Your Destination by Being in Touch with Nature:

Another tip on how to stay fit on the road is by getting outside! I spent a little over two weeks in Virginia at Virginia Beach and Falls Church. One of the best things about being at the beach is that you have natural scenery all around you to encourage you to get out and go running. Not only do you burn calories but you may discover a new cafe, shop or park along the way.

How to stay fit on the road

Breakfast Bar at Marriott Frankfurt
Photo Credit: Marriott Frankfurt

Get Into a Routine:

Getting into a routine on a longer trip is a great way to stay on track. Stick to a schedule for sleeping and working out. This can be a challenge when you are traveling over multiple time zones.  Dining Traveler Tip: ask the concierge or front desk for their favorite running routes. Many hotels have pre-made maps of running routes. Some hotels even have fitness equipment like yoga mats for guests to borrow.

How to Stay Fit on the Road:

The most important thing to remember is to be kind to yourselves! Travel well, my friends.